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1 Point Perspective Interior in Photoshop

    ●  How to Draw a Room that Looks Realistic.

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  •   This tutorial is part of the Drag and Drop game design project.

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interior perspective interior perspective indoor-perspective-example5.jpg

Step #1: Open a New Document in Photoshop ~

Open a New Document in Photoshop and make it 800 x 600 px - a standard size for the web:


Select the Line Tool which is behind the Rectangle Tool …

… make sure Pixels is selected in "Pick tool mode" …

… and draw 2 criss-cross lines with the Line Tool.

Vanishing Point in linear perspective means the point on the horizon line where parallel lines appear to converge in the distance.

Step #2: Back Wall ~

Draw a box intersecting the lines while holding to keep them perfectly straight.

Step #3: Doors ~

Draw a line out from the center to create a door.

Step #4: Eraser ~

Get the Eraser Tool or hit the keyboard shortcut letter (E) …

… set the Erasing Mode to Block

… and erase the lines you don't need.

Step #5: Windows ~

Draw some guidelines for the window …

… also add a Middle Line and erase xtra lines.

Step #6: Floors ~

Extend more lines from the vanishing point to help draw some floorboards.

Step #7: Erase the Back Wall ~

Get the Eraser Tool again (E) and carefully erase the unnecessary lines on the back wall.

Step #8: Make a New Layer ~

Make a New Layer - go to: Layer > New > Layer

new layer

… or hit the keyboard shortcut: Cmd (⌘)+ Shift(⇧) +N

+ shift key + n kye

… and hit OK.

hit OK

Step #9: The Side of the Couch ~

Draw the side of a couch or chair on the new layer.

Step #10: Vanishing Point ~

Extend corner lines to the Vanishing Point …

… and complete the outline.

Erase the excess lines …

couch without lines

Step #11: The Hard Part ~

Creating accurate looking furniture will take some time.

Do the best job you can …


Last Step: Save and Attach ~

Go to: File > Save as … and save it as a .psd and attach.

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