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As I have grown and matured, I have realized that taking care of animals is something that I’am good at.

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text-indent Class using CSS

    ●   It looks nice when the first line of your text is a indented.

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  •   It is part of the Art Genre , What in the World?, and Portfolio Projects.

  •   This is part of a series of :psuedo tag tutorials: 72_first-letter_Dw.htm   •   73_text-indent_Dw.htm  •   74_first-line_Dw.htm

Step #1: Open Your index Page in Dreamweaver ~

Hopefully you've done this tutorial first => 72_first-letter - if not, you probably need to do that one first.

Open your CSS styles panel by going to: Window > CSS Styles and Double-Click your styles sheet. …

… and double-click your styles.css file to open it.

Step #2: Scroll Down ~

Scroll down to the bottom of your CSS code and click there …

Step #3: Insert the CSS ~

Copy and paste this code …


.indent { 

Your code should end up looking like this:

Step #4: Go back to Source Code ~

Now, go back to Source Code in the menu bar …

… and find the first letter of your text. It may already have a class applied to it …

Step #5: Apply the .indent class ~

You can have more than one class applied to an element. To do that, click inside the class code like this:

… and hit the space key to bring up the code hints.

Step #6: Apply the .indent class ~

Attach the indent class you created to the text.

Last Step: Upload your Site ~

Save and upload your files with the completed code.

Attach the URL of your site, and continue working…

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