img Borders in Dreamweaver

    ● Apply a border style for all the images on your site.

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  •   This tutorial is part of the Art Genre and Home Sweet Home Portfolio Projects.

  •   It is part of a series: 42_float_Dw.htm, 174_img_padding_Dw.htm, 66_img_border_Dw.htm, and 180_img_resize_Dw.htm

Step #1: Open your Project in Dreamweaver ~

Open your current project in Dreamweaver

… and then Double-Click your style sheet to open it:

Step #2: Scroll Down ~

Scroll down to the bottom of your CSS code and click there:

Step #3: Add the Code ~

Copy this code …

img {


… and paste it at the bottom:

Step #4: Border Code ~

Start typing as follows:

Choose a border thickness:

Lastly, add a semi-colon ; at the end on the line:

Step #5: Border Style ~

Choose a border style:

Remember: you can change it later:



Don't forget the semi-colon ; at the end on the line!


Step #6: Color ~

Choose a color:

Step #7: Border Radius ~

Add border-radius by copying this code …

border-radius:  20px; 
-webkit-border-radius:  20px; 
-moz-border-radius:  20px;   

… and paste it below the rest of your code:

Save it and try it!

Last Step: Save and Upload your Work ~

If you have a web server, save your pages, upload them and attach the link to your site …

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