Make Yourself into a Bloody Dead Guy Zombie in Photoshop and make it bloody & scary.

    ●  Zombies are always popular. Many students say this was the work they are most proud of, believe it or not …

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Hue and Saturation Burn Tool Smudge Tool Texture Filter Warp Tool Smudge Tool

  •   This tutorial is part of the Monster Mesh Project.

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Step #1: Open a Picture of Your Face in PhotoShop ~

Open a picture of your face.

Right-Click on the layer duplicate it.

Duplicate Layer

Select the Magnetic Lasso Tool which is behind the regular lasso tool …

Magnetic Lasso tool

… and trace around your skin.

Go to: Image > Adjustments > Hue/Saturation and make your skin look "dead."

Just play with the settings until you look dead.

Step #2: Find a Picture of a Skull ~

Find a picture of a skull on the internet and copy it …

… paste the skull over the face.

Erase what you don't need.

Hit the keyboard shortcut: Cmd(⌘)+T and resize the skull so it fits over your face.





Sometimes the skull and your face don't match up well.


Right-Click and select Warp


… so you have more control over the perspective.

Try lowering the Opacity of the skull layer …

… so you can see thru the background.

Step #3: Select a Fuzzy Eraser ~

Select the Eraser Tool by hitting the keyboard shortcut letter (e) …

… and click on Brush Preset picker in the Menu Bar.

… and choose a Soft round brush.

Step #4: Erase the Skull ~

Erase part the skull to reveal the face.

Erase certain area so that only part of your face is covered.

Step #5: Bloody Scars ~

Make a new Layer.

Get the Lasso Tool or hit the keyboard shortcut letter (L) …

… make a outline of where you want a bloody scar to be.

Use the Paint Bucket to fill the selected area with Red.

Step #6: Smudge Tool ~

Get the Smudge Tool

… start making the blood look like it's dripping.

Step #7: Burn Tool ~

Next, get the Burn Tool or hit the shortcut letter (O)

… swap the range from Shadows to Midtones to Highlights until you find what works.

… and try turning off Protect Tones.

protect tones

Try a large grungy brush …

… also raise and lower the Exposure as needed …

… and burn burn burn! Burn around the edges to darken the area where the cut runs deepest edges to add the illusion of depth..

Step #8: Filters ~

Go to: Filter > Texture > Texturizer

… apply whatever other Filters you think best.

Step #9: More Gross Stuff ~

Find images of wounds, etc., and apply steps #1 thru #3 again.

Step #10: Texture ~

Find some texture on the internet - cracked or concrete or something and paste it into your Photoshop image.

Scroll through the Blending Modes and find one you like …







Try Multiply, Screen or Overlay or whatever you like best …


If you see other blending modes you like as you're scrolling down, don't be afraid to experiment.


Blending Modes are awesome!

Hint: You can scroll through the different Blending Modes by hitting Alt (⌥)+Shift+Plus:

Now erase the texture so it only covers the skin.

Lastly, lower the Alpha of the texture layer.

Last Step: Save and Attach ~

Go to: File > Save for Web

save for web

… and save your work and as a .jpg

Make the size approximately 500px wide.