Internal Links and Target Blank in Dreamweaver

    ●   Internal Links are Relative and do not need http

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Relative LinksTarget _Blank

  •   Here is a Presentation that reviews this subject and here is a link to expand a folder for demonstration purposes.

  •   The Rubrics for these projects say you need both Relative and Absolute links on your site.

  •   This tutorial is part of the Fan-Tastic and Home Sweet Home Portfolio Projects.

Step #1: Open your Project in Dreamweaver ~

Open your current project in Dreamweaver:


… type your links in a row …

highlight the text …

… or select the button you want to make into a link …

… and drag the Point to file icon where you want the link to go within your site.

For instance if you're working your Home Sweet Home Portfolio Project, your buttons linking each page should be Relative, which means inside your local root folder - you don't need http://



You've Just Made a Relative Link ~

Relative means inside your local root folder - you don't need http://

Step #2: _blank ~

Highlight the code below …


… and paste it in the Target area of your link: _blank makes it appear in a new window.

target blank

Last Step: Save and Upload your Work ~

If you have a web server, save your pages, upload them and attach the link to your site …