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4 Things Every Flash User Should Know

    ●  Workshop Notes: Flash can be intimidating, especially if students haven't used it before.

    ●  To combat this perception, make as many references as possible to similarities with PhotoShop and Illustrator

    ●  Ask class, "What things do Flash and PhotoShop have in common?"

Learn About:

Layers: Flashhas layers, just like PhotoShop. Color Palette: Flash and PhotoShop both have a similar color pallette.
 Layer Visibility: Turn the eyeball OFF to make the layer invisible.Zoom: Cmd + to Zoom

Open this Flash to demonstrate

1) Layers: "Where are the Layers in Flash?"

In Flash, Layers are here, but it's still the same concept.


Name your layers just like PhotoShop.

2) Stage Area:

  Anything outside the "Stage Area" cannot be seen when exported.

  In PhotoShop the work area is called the Canvas. In Flash it's called the Stage Area.

3) Zoom in and out changes the size of the brush stroke.

  Use Cmd + to zoom in and Ctrl - to zoom out

  In PhotoShop it's the same shortcut for zoom.


4) Vector Graphics: A fancy name for dragging lines.

You may be Asking: If Flash is so similar to PhotoShop, why even use it?

Vector Graphics! Vector graphics is a fancy name for the way images are displayed on the computer.

Vector Graphics is one thing Flash has that PhotoShop doesn't.

 Use the Selection Tool to adjust lines. The pointer changes to indicate what type of reshaping it can do. 

If a 1/2 circle appears under the pointer you can bend the shape in a smooth, arching form. If an "L" shape appears below the cursor you can pull the line at an angle. Compare the same Lines & Letters compared side by side TVector lines vs. Raster lines.

Vector is better for web pages because computers use mathematical calculations to plot pixel placement and there is no distortion or loss of quality when sent over the internet. It's also faster.