Posterize Portrait - Learn Filters in Photoshop

    ●  Many of the images you use could benifit from the Posterize Filter.

Learn About:

Magnetic Lasso ToolAdd and Subtract from a Selection Poster Edges FilterLevels

  •   This tutorial is part of the Renaissance Poster Project.

Other People's Work:

Here are examples of work inspired by this tutorial.


Step #1: Open your Project in PhotoShop ~

Pick a LARGE image on your collage …

Remember: The Rubric for this project says:

  ●  "Focal Point of Composition is dominant over the objects and shapes in background."

  ●  "Viewer’s eye directed toward central focus of the composition."

  ●  "It’s obvious what the viewer is supposed to notice first."

… OR find another image from your artist that can serve as a focal point for your collage.




"Focal Point" means " the center of attention.


Whatever image you choose for the center of attention in your collage, you may need to cut around your character.

If you haven't feathered the image yet, get the Lasso Tool or hit the keyboard shortcut letter (L) …

lasso tool

… and trace around the image (if necessary).

To Add (or take away from) your image, on the Menu Bar, you can set Add to Selection or Subtract from Selection.

Outline the area that you want to add.

Or if you want to subtract from the selection …

subtract from selection

Circle the area you want to remove.

Step #2: Poster Edges Filter ~

Go to: Filter > Artistic > Poster Edges.

poster edges

Step #3: Contrast ~

Try going to: Image > Adjustments > Brightness & Contrast and change the Brightness Value and the Contrast until you get something you like.

Step #4: Levels ~

Hit the keyboard shortcut: Cmd(⌘)+L or go to: Image > Adjustments > Levels and try different settings to get a good contrast of color.

Step #5: Cut Out Filter ~

Now we will do an artistic cut out effect to give it that cartoon look. Go to Filter > Artistic > Cut Out. Try different settings on both layers.

Last Step: Save and Attach ~

Go to: File > Save for Web … and save it as a .jpg

Make your image approximately 500 pixels wide.