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Billboard Perspective in Photoshop

    ●  Place your ad on a billboard, bus stop or other sign. Then transform the image to conform to the perspective.

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Free Transform Tool Perspective

  •   This tutorial is part of the Monster Mesh Project and the Don't Buy The Lie Project.

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Step #1: Open PhotoShop ~

Go to Google Images and search for Billboard Advertisment, Semi-Truck advertising, Bus Stop Billboards, Bus Ads., anyplace you would see your advertisment, copy it and paste the picture into Photoshop.  

blank billboard

Step #2: Place your Ad ~

Now go to: File > Place … and find the Ad you've been working on … .

place file

Then hit Enter enter

Step #3: Rasterize the Layer ~

Then to: Layer > Rasterize > Smart Object.  

rasterize obejct

Step #5: Cmd(⌘)+T ~

Hit the keyboard shortcut: Cmd(⌘)+T, hold down the cmd keykey and squeeze the corners to fit the available space.

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Last Step: Save and Attach ~

Save your document and attach.

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