Me, Myself, and I

I welcome you to my sites that took a whole semester to create. Before this class I had never heard of style sheets or HTML.

The first site I ever created was my Fan Site. that was my most challenging site because it was my first one. My second site I created was my Art site that shows amazing improvement from my first site and I was amaize with the work I created. My last site that connets to this site is my Country Site that involes harder web design concepts.

Two specific things I learned during this class is CSS styles and Html that taught me how to further customize my sites. I aslo learned how to make a main site and make external links from one single link. I leanred how to do rollovers that work with just a a roll of the mouse.

Thank You for reviewing all these things I've learned and I hope they meet your expectations.



Scrolling Text Box in Dreamweaver

Learn About:

overflow: auto
Div widths and Heights in-line CSS

   •    This tutorial is part of the Art Genre and Home Sweet Home Portfolio Projects.

Other People's Work:

Here are examples of work inspired by this tutorial.



A secretarial or administrative assistant position.

Summary of skills



  • Worked with local business to update company’s secretarial manual (fulfilled class requirement); helped design new, simplified memo format, which gained company-wide acceptance.
  • Created responsibilities manual for volunteers at county hospital, which reduced overlapping duties and increased efficiency.
  • Assisted in managing volunteers for outpatient information desk at hospital.



  • Experienced in document formatting, proofreading, and administrative assistant duties.
  • Skilled in Microsoft Works and Lotus 1-2-3 on PC.
    Ability to type 70 words per minute with no errors.



  • Delivered a speech to local civic clubs and philanthropic organizations on the importance of hospital volunteers, which brought in seven new volunteers.
  • Wrote articles for local newspaper on vocational team’s achievements at district and state contests.



Graphic Design Institute, Huntsville, TX (Current GPA is 3.7/4.0) - Graduation expected June 2150


Related course work

  • Bookkeeping I & II, Typing, Advanced Typing, Computer Operations, Word Processing I & II, Business Writing, Vocational Business Curriculum (2 years)



  • Outstanding High School Volunteer, Elm County Hospital (1995)
  • State Business Vocations Contest (1995)
    document formatting (1st)
    business knowledge (2nd)
    administrative assistant competition (2nd)



  • Business Professionals of America (student member)
  • Texas Association of Hospital Volunteers
    Junior Rotarian


Thanks for reviewing my portfolio. My best work I have done in this class to me is my first web site on flowers. The reason why I like my first web site is because the way it looked at the end. It really showed the creativity aspect I was going for. The whole layout itself basically explained what I learned in the tutorials that have been provided for me to do.

Also I learned in this class is how to create a styles sheet. How you create a styles sheet is to make a new property in your css styles. Then select class or id and type in the name of your new property. Next, you make changes to the new property. Once you finished all that, you can make changes later. Over all, I learned so much about coding, div tags ans css styles sheet.

When we have to go to workshops and learn how to do a certain step in a tutorial, I understand better because the philosopher is guiding us step by step on how to do the task correctly. Also when I don't clearly get it during the workshop, I ask my peers or the teacher to for help and when I do, my problem is fixed. Now I know the basics in coding and I'm stronger than when I came in with.

The most interesting thing that stuck through my head during this semester was that you always had to have an closing tags/div. Whenever you add something new like some words or whatever it would be, you have to end your new tag with an closing tag or it won't work. I can relate to this because on my first web page, I didn't understand why my text was big and bold but then I realized I didn't end my new tage with a close div. Once I fixed the issue, my text went back to normal.

Dear Professor:

I am an eleventh grade student hoping to receive college credit from you. An example of my best work is my travel site. I used Absolutely Positioned Divs to create an easy to read interface with padding and margins.

My favorite part of web design is playing with the Cascading Style Sheet. The Cascading Style Sheet uses a reference tag to be applied to a html page so they work together. I also learned about floating and clearing tags.

Learning to code computers is valuable because it helps teach how technology works and broadens the choices for a job by having more diverse skills like

So, in conclusion please review my Web Design work and I hope you agree that I learned a lot about coding in CSS.



My favorite part of Web Design is being able to put whatever I feel that looks good or I like in my site. I also like like to learn how to code so this class is really helpful.

Learning to code computer is valuable because I think that it is a great way to know your way in and out of the system and if mastered, it will be useful for hacking.

This class is valuable because it not only teach us how to create web site but starting from scratch and just work your way up by coding.

I am better for having taking this class because I have coded before but it was confusing and somewhat hard to memorize which code does what. Taking this class and going through the tutorials, it make it easier for me to learn.

think that the best work I have done in this class is the Web Page. I think this is my best work because, it is the only web site that I have added many links and pictures to it. Not only that, I also added videos in there. I like this a lot because I got to choose one of my favorite artist and did a web site on him. I chose to make my web site about DeathRhyme because listening to his songs, they inspired me and connects with me and my life.



Step #1: Open your Project in Dreamweaver ~

Open any page you need a scrolling box like your index page, for example …

… click inside your content div.

Step #2: Insert a div ~

Then go to: Insert > Layout Objects > Div Tag

… select "At insertion point" - leave everything else blank and hit OK.

Now you have a new div inside your content area.

looks like this

Step #3: Click Split ~

Make sure this => <= is high lighted - then hit Split.

(If you don't see the split button, go to: View > Toolbars > Document.

Step #4: Find the <div> Tag ~

Locate the <div> tag you inserted.

Step #5: Hit the Space Bar ~

Click inside the <div> tag as shown & hit the space bar:

Step #6: Type the word style ~

Type s t y and watch the code-hints appear, and select style from the shortcut menu.

Step #7: Type the word height ~

Then type the word height

… again, when the Hint finds your code, just hit Enter or click on it …

Step #8: pixels ~

Set your height in pixels by putting px at the end.

Make sure you have a semi-colon at the end.


Step #9: Type width ~

Set the width by hitting the space bar and typing width

The completed tag looks like this:

Step #10: Type overflow ~

Lastly, set the overflow attribute to auto …

… the whole tag looks like this:

Step #11: Margin: auto

Lastly, center the div by adding margin: auto to the end:

Step #12: Copy and Paste!

The completed code is here:

<div style="height: 250px; width: 80%; overflow: auto; margin: auto">

YOU DON'T HAVE TO USE THESE SIZES - You can adjust the cell sizes to fit your needs.

Step #12: Type Something ~

Go back to Design view, copy your content and paste it over

Dear Professor:

I have learned many things from Web Design class in this short amount of time. Some things I learned are closing tags are very important and creating a separate style-sheet makes changing everything quick and easy.

Another thing I learned is that every page in a web site should have a key element that ties all pages together, like having the same background colors and navigation buttons kept in the same place.

After taking this class I feel comfortable using Dreamweaver to make a basic web site from scratch. Before taking this class I thought coding was easy. Now I realize it is a process that takes time and patience. I hope you enjoy viewing all these sites I created that you like what you see.

Thank You



Last Step: Save and Upload your site ~

If you have a web server, save your pages, upload them and attach the link.