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Bar Code in Photoshop

    ●  Many products we design require a Bar Code!


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Filters in Photoshop

   •    This tutorial is part of the Comic Book Cover and Cereal Box projects.

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Step #1: Open your Image in PhotoShop ~

Open a New Document in PhotoShop (you'll be moving to Illustrator later) and make it 800 x 600 px:


… and fill background layer with WHITE using the Paint Bucket Tool .

Step #2: Noise ~

Go to: Filter > Noise > Add Noise and adjust the settings approximately as shown:

image 2

Step #3: Motion Blur ~

Now, go to: Filter > Blur > Motion Blur - Angle: 90°, Distance: 999 Pixels.

image 3

Step #4: Brightness/Contrast ~

Then, go to: Image > Adjustments > Brightness/Contrast and adjust.

image 4

Step #5: Curves ~

Go to: Image > Adjustments > Curves and mess around with the adjustments.

Step #6: Borders ~

Get the Rectangular Marquee Tool

… and draw a border box shape along the side …

… and fill the selection with white.

Do all 4 sides with white.

Step #7: Another White Block ~

Using the Rectangular Marquee Tool again, create another white block area as shown:

Then, get the Horizontal Type Tool or hit the keyboard shortcult letter (t) …

… and type some numbers in the white area:

Step #8: Save the file as a .psd (Photo Shop Document) ~

Save your file somewhere you can find it.

save as

Step #9: Open your project in Illustrator ~

Open YOUR PROJECT in Illustrator

… go to: File > Place and find the .psd document you saved.

Step #10: Embed the Picture ~

With your image selected, click the Embed button:

If you don't Embed the Photoshop image, it wont be there when you save it!

Select "Convert Layers to Objects."

Last Step: Save and Attach ~

Save your document and attach.

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