Absolute Links and Target Blank in Dreamweaver

    ●   Absolute Links have an http:// address that links outside your site, like:

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Absolute LinksTarget _Blank

  •   Here is a Presentation that reviews this subject and here is a link to expand a folder for demonstration purposes.

  •   This tutorial is part of the Fan-Tastic and Home Sweet Home Portfolio Projects.

Other People's Work:

Here are some examples of work inspired by this tutorial.

Step #1: Absolute Link ~

You are required to have at least 1 Absolute link to somewhere outside your site. You need to find a website about your subject and link it in your page!

For instance, if your website is about Justin Bieber - Goggle him, find something helpful, highlight the link and copy it …

… OR, if you're working on the Home Sweet Home Portfolio Project, copy the link to my tutorials page:

… and put a link to this site in your work!

Step #2: Absolute Link ~

Open your current project in Dreamweaver type something like: "Click here to view some interesting links."

Step #3: Highlight the Text ~

Highlight the part of your text you want to be clickable …

… open your Properties menu, if necessary - (go to: Window > Properties or hit the keyboard shortcut Cmd+F3) and paste the copied address in the Link box.

Remember ~

Absolute Links have a complete address from the internet like this:

Step #4: _blank ~

Again, change the Target area of your link to make it appear in a new window.

Last Step: Save and Upload your Work ~

If you have a web server, save your pages, upload them and attach the link to your site …