Create an Animated Snake in Photoshop

    ●   Create a Snake and make it Crawl across the Screen by Creating an Animated gif!

Learn About:

Pen Tool Timeline Animation Merge LayersTweens

  •   This tutorial is associated with the We Can Be Heroes! Project.

Other People's Work:

Here are examples of work inspired by this tutorial.

Step #1: Open a Blank Document in Photoshop ~

Open Photoshop & create a new canvas. Hit the keyboard shortcut: Cmd(⌘)+N or go to: File > New

… and select Pixels.

Make your canvas 800 x 200 pixels.

Step #2: Ellipse Tool ~

Select the Ellipse Tool which is behind the Rectangle Tool…

… select Fill Pixels in the Menu Bar …

… and draw a circle holding Shift(⇧) key down to keep it perfectly round.

Step #3: Layer Styles ~

  Click fx at the bottom of the Layers panel …

  … and add Stroke.

  Adjust the Stroke according to your needs.


Step #4: Eye ~

Create a New Layer names something like Eye …

… make an ellipse for the eye using Elliptical Shape Tool - fill it with white.

Step #5: Duplicate the Layer ~

Duplicate the Eye layer by Right-Clicking it …

… hit Cmd+T and squeeze the layer down …

… and finish the eye with color and a tiny black dot inside the eyeball.

Step #6: Select Multiple Layers ~

Hold the Shift key down and select all the eye layers …

Right-Click and Select Merge Layers or hit the keyboard shortcut letters: Cmd+E.

Step #7: Duplicate the Layers ~

Duplicate the Merged layer …

… and hit the keyboard shortcut: Cmd(⌘) + T + rotate the layer and create the other eye.




Rotate the eyeball to break the monotony of uniformity!


Step #8: Tongue and Fangs ~

Make a New Layer called tongue

Click the Pen Tool or hit the keyboard shortcut letter (p) …

Try drawing a Forked Tongue. Close the shape by ending where you started.

Right-Click and hit Make Selection …

Fill the tongue with Red and maybe create some fangs too.

Step #9: Body ~

Make a New Layer behind all the other layers called body, get the Pen Tool and draw something like this:

Fill the body with green with color and add some shadow to the bottom.

Also create dark green circles and apply stroke layer style.

Using the Brush Tool create eye brows and nostrils etc. Also create two circles for the nose. Be Creative! Blow Your Mind!

Step #10: Animation ~

Go to: Window > Timeline and the Timeline window appears and click "Create Frame Animation" (if necessary) …

… select Frame 1 of the animation …

… Zoom Out and drag the snake off to the side with the Move Tool.

Step #11: Add a New Frame ~

Then add a New Frame:

Step #12: Drag to the Other Side ~

Drag the snake to the other side.

Step #13: Select Both Frames ~

In the Animation panel, hold shift key and click on the beginning frame to select them all …

Step #14: Select Frame Delay ~

Then click the seconds at the bottom of a frame …

… and set the frame delay to .1 or .2 seconds.

Step #15: Forever ~

Set the number of times your animation plays, click here …

… and set it to Forever.


To speed up or slow down your animation, select all the frames by holding shift-key and clicking on the first and last frames.

You probably want your animation to play quickly …


Step #16: Tweens ~

With both frames still selected, click on the Tween icon …

… set the Frames to Add number to approximately 20 and hit OK.

Step #17: Play ~

Now hit Play to see what you have made …

Step #18: Save for Web …

When you are done with all your layers, go to: File > Save for Web … and save your work as a .gif

Step #19: Insert the .gif into your Current Project or your Portfolio ~

Whatever project you are working on, import the new file and make it run across the screen in Presentation or animate it in .gif format somewhere else, just put it in your projector your portfolio.

Last Step: The Link ~

Navigate to the EXACT PAGE in your browser where your files and reflections are posted …

… copy the URL address of your page …

    ●   Then paste the URL address of THE SPECIFIC PAGE of your Portfolio so that when the link is clicked, it takes you directly to the example on your website.

Remember: Paste the address into your reply so when the link is clicked it goes directly to the page that contains your evidence.

Attach your .psd File Too ~

Also attach your completed .psd file too!