Map Symbols in Illustrator

    ●   Open a batch of Symbols and save them in Illustrator.

    ●   Then apply them to your work.

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  •   This tutorial is used in the Free Trade Project.

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Step #1: Open Symbols in Illustrator ~

Right-Click this file: Map-symbols and open it in Illustrator

… then open the Symbols panel to view your new symbols.

Step #2: Symbols Libraries Menu ~

Click on the Symbols Libraries Menu


… and save the Symbols as your name or whatever.

save brushes

Step #2: Open your work in Illustrator ~

 Then open YOUR PROJECT in Illustrator

  … create a New Layer, lock lock layer your others.


Step #3: Use your New Symbols ~

Locate the Symbols you saved by clicking on the Symbol Libraries Menu again, go down to User Defined - and open the custom symbols you created.

user defined symbols

Then drag a symbol onto the artboard onto your New Layer.

Step #4: Blending Mode ~

Click Transparency or go to: Window > Transparency

… and change the Blending Mode until you get something you like.

Also, experiment with lowering the Transparency (if necessary …)

Last Step: Save Your Project & Attach ~

Go to: File > Save as … and save your work as an .ai document.

save as an ai


    •     ALWAYS save your projects using the following naming convention:

    •     DO NOT name your project any other way - Improperly named projects will not receive credit and you will be sad.

    •     NEVER leave your work on the desktop or depend on a flash drive - instead, save your work in a folder you can find later - preferably on a virtual drive where it can be backed up.

SAVE YOUR WORK FREQUENTLY! No excuses for missing or lost work! Attach the .ai file and keep working …

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