Image Padding in Dreamweaver

    ●   Add Padding to your images.

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Image Padding ~

The Rubric says: "Floats used to align elements."

It also says: "Margin and Padding used to add spaces between text, images, and containers."

  ●   Use Floats and Margins and Padding to ensure you meet these requirements.

Step #1: Open your Project in Dreamweaver ~

Open your page in Dreamweaver – or any page with a picture …

… and select the image.

select image

Step #2: In-Line CSS ~

Find the code for the images in Split view …

… and type a space before the closing /> tag, type   s   t   y    and watch for the code hints to pop up …

… so it looks like this:

Step #3: Float ~

Click between the parentheses …

… and type the letter f to bring up the code hints again select float …

… and select left or right depending on which side of the div you want your image.

style float left

Step #4: So What?

Now you can type text next to the image and it will "float" next to it …

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Step #5: Padding ~

The Rubric also says: "Margin and Padding used to add spaces between text, images, and containers."

Step #6: A Better Way ~

The best way to add padding is to make 1 global rule in your CSS document that that applies to all your images, which might look something like this:

Content img

Step #7: Locate the div ~

Find the div your image is located in by clicking on the line that contains it …

… and take note of the div name.

Step #8: Open your CSS document ~

Scroll down to the bottom of your CSS code and click there …

Step #9: Insert the CSS ~

Copy and paste this code …

#content img { 
     padding: 10px;


Of course you must modify your code for your individual needs:

Content img

Last Step: Save and Upload your site ~

Upload your site with the work you completed, attach the link to your site where the work is located …


… and continue working …