Create a Heraldric Banner in Photoshop

    ●   Class up your work by adding a banner to it!

Learn About:

Text Warp Blending Options Burn Tool Magic Wand Quick Select Tool

  •   This tutorial is part of the Renaissance poster project.

Other People's Work:

Here are examples of work inspired by this tutorial.


Step #1: Open your Project in PhotoShop ~

Open your project in PhotoShop




… (Remember: all these tutorials are intended to be
applied to YOUR PROJECT) …

… and make a New Layer.

new layer

Step #2: Search Google ~

Search Google for Heraldric Banner Graphic or copy one of these:

Right-Click and copy the banner …

copy image

… and paste it into your new layer.

Step #3: Magic Wand ~

Using the Magic Wand Tool Quick Select Tool quick select tool or the Eraser Tool or all 3 to delete what you don't need.

Step #4: Hue and Saturation Colors ~

If necessary, take the color out of the banner by going to: Image > Adjustments > Hue/Saturation to make it black

Step #5: Fill with Color ~

Select a color from the background using the Eye Dropper and then fill with the Paint Bucket

Step #6: Bevel and Emboss ~

Go to: Layer > Layer Style > Blending Options > Bevel and Emboss and adjust the settings to your preference.




Try Different Settings!




Experiment with the tools!


Step #7: Burn Tool ~

Next, get the Burn Tool or hit the shortcut letter (O)

… swap the range from Shadows to Midtones to Highlights until you find what works.

… and turn off Protect Tones.

protect tones

Try a large grungy brush …

… also raise and lower the Exposure as needed …

… and burn burn burn! Burning adds to the illusion of depth in your work.

Step #8: Text Tool ~

Get the Text Tool and type some text you can use in your work.

renaissance text

Warp your text by clicking on the "Create warped text " button in the Menu Bar …

warped text

… select from the options …

After you finish typing, hit the Check mark in the upper menu bar or just hit "Enter."

Step #9: Layer Styles …

Then go to: Layer > Layer Style > Outer Glow

… raise the size and spread of the glow so you can see the text clearly.

Step #10: Bevel and Emboss …

Next, add Bevel and Emboss

Again, adjust the settings to make your text contrast against the background …

Step #11: Drop Shadow …

Add a little Drop Shadow

… and adjust the angle of the shadow.

Lastly, add Stroke - adjust the width …

… the goal is to make the text contrast against the background …

If you still can't make the text fit, Rastorize the text and then Warp it.

Last Step: Save and Attach ~

Go to: File > Save as … and save your file as a .psd

save as


  •   ALWAYS save your projects like this:


  •   DO NOT name your project any other way - Improperly named projects will not receive credit and you will be sad.


  •   NEVER leave your work on the desktop or depend on a flash drive - instead, save your work in a folder you can find later - preferably on a virtual drive where it can be backed up.