Combine 2 Different Animals to create an Unholy Creature.

    ●  Half-and-Half animal creatures are mythical beasts you can create using this Advanced Photoshop tutorial.

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Liquify Filter Masking Color Replacement Tool

  •   This tutorial is part of the Monster Mesh Project.

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Step #1: Find Your Photos ~

Find 2 photos of the creatures you chose from this list: or whatever unholy combination you which to create.


If necessary, you can go to: Window > Arrange > 2-up Vertical

… and combine using the Move Tool:

Step #2: Cut the Background ~

On the images you want to cut, use the Quick Select Tool or the Magic Wand

… and Delete the background you want to remove.

If you select too much, hit "Subtract from selection" in the options bar.

Add to selection or Subtract fron selection it works the same way …

Step #3: Erase What's Left ~

Laslty, get the Eraser Tool



… and clean up what's left.


Step #4: Transform the Size ~

Zoom-Out by hitting the keyboard shortcut: Cmd (⌘) - (minus) + if necessary …

Hit the keyboard shortcut: Cmd (⌘) +T and adjust the size of the images to match each other.

Step #5: Liquify Tool ~

Lower the Opacity of the top layer to see beneath it …

… go to: Filter > Liquify

… if necessary, click Advanced Mode

… click Show Backdrop

… select the Forward Warp Tool or hit the keyboard shortcut letter (w) …

forward warp tool

… and squeeze the parts to fit the background.

Try the other Liquify Tools also!

pucker tool

Step #6: Set the Brush Tool ~

Click the Brush Tool or hit the keybord shortcut letter (B) …


… click to open the Brush Preset picker …

… and select a soft round brush.

Step #7: Colors ~

Set your colors to Default black & white or just hit the letter (D).

color default

Then switch colors by hitting "X" or clicking the so that Black is the foreground color.

Step #8: Masking ~

Click on Add a Layer Mask at the bottom of the layers palette …

… and begin brushing with a soft round Black brush.

Step #9: White Masking Tool ~

Switch to White as your foreground color …

… and paint with the brush to see your image reappear.

Lower the Opacity of the brush for a better effect.

Using a combination of all these techniques, do a good job in making the images blend together.

Step #10: Color Replacement~

Get the Eyedropper Tool or hit the keyboard shortcut letter (i) …

… and select the color of the background image.

Then, get the Color Replacement Tool

…and paint over the your composition to create the illusion of continuity.

Last Step: Save and Attach ~

Go to: File > Save as … and save your work as a .psd document to keep the layers in tact …

save as psd doc

… and save the file as YOUR NAME! so we know whose it is.

Attach it.

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