Beginning CSS - The HTML Tag

    ●   Create an HTML tag, which is,, along with the body is also part of the foundation of your website.


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   •   If you've been following this series of tutorials, you should now have created a CSS document with a body tag.

  •   This tutorial is second in a series:

1 - Body    2 - HTML    3 - Containter  4 - Header    5 - Nav     6 - Content   7 - Footer  

Step #1: Open Your Project in Dreamweave ~

Hopefully you've done this tutorial first, if not, go back and start there …

Open the CSS Styles panel by going to: Window > CSS Styles (if necessary) and click on New CSS Rule.

Step #2: Name the Rule ~

Select Tag and call it html

Step #3: Set the Attributes ~

Press OK until you see this:

css styles

Click Box and set the height to 100%

Hit OK! That's all you need for html

Step #4: Illustrator Kuler Colors ~

Open your Kuler Colors and copy the HEX number of your background color.

Step #5: Open body ~

Double-Click on the body tag (if necessary) …

… select Background …

… type the number of your background color, or just choose one for now.

And yes, you have to put the # sign in there first …

Step #6: Remove Any Other Color Codes ~

Now that we're using CSS for background colors, remove all other references to background colors in your html code.

Last Step: Save and Attach ~

Make sure your new styles.css document IN THE ROOT FOLDER OF YOUR NEW PROJECT, attach it and continue working …

new styles sheet

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