Justify Text in Illustrator

    ●   Justify text means to line up the letters, usually to the left or right.

    ●   It's an important concept that designers use to create interesting compositions and break up text.

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Rounded Rectangle Tool Justify Text
Creating Outlines Downloading Fonts Align Panel
Character PanelParagraph Panel

  •   This tutorial is part of the Cereal Design, Comic Book Cover and the We Can Be Heros! Projects.

Other People's Work:

Here are examples of work inspired by this tutorial.


Step #1: Open Your Project in Illustrator ~

Open YOUR PROJECT in Illustrator

    ●   If you are working on the Comic Book Cover Project
open that …



● OR, if you are
working on the
Movie Poster Project
open that ...







    ●   OR, if you are working on
Cereal Design Project
open that …


… whatever project you're doing, make a New Layer, and lock your other layers.

… (Remember: all these tutorials are intended to be
applied to YOUR PROJECT) …

Step #2: Rounded Rectangle Tool ~

Get the Rounded Rectangle Tool which is behind the Rectangle Tool …


… and draw a box somewhere on your composition.

Step #3: Choose your Colors~

Click the Swatches icon or go to: Window > Swatches

Also you may want to turn the stroke of the box off.

Step #4: Type Tool ~

Get the Type Tool or hit the keyboard shortcut letter (t) …

… draw a box and type some text you can USE IN YOUR PROJECT, like: "Free Toy Inside" from your graphic organizer sketch.



… (Remember, the Rubrics for these projects say:

"1 headline (at least) with DIFFERENT text and font, smaller, but still prominent and inviting.
) …

Step #5: Font Theme ~

Select your Font in the Character panel …

If you want, search for a font that matches your project theme at dafont.com.

If you need a reminder on installing fonts, refresh your memory from this tutorial = 31-blend-text-ai.htm

… select Size here …

… and Colo r in the menu bar.

orange color text

Step #6: Justify the Text ~

Select all the text …

… and click the Paragraph panel or go to: Window > Type > Paragraph or hit the keyboard shortcut (Alt (⌥)+Cmd ⌘ +t) …

… and hit "Justify all lines."

Step #7: Highlight One Word ~

Now, highlight one word of your text …

Step #8: Open Character ~

… open the Character panel or go to: Window > Type > Character or hit the keyboard shortcut: Cmd (⌘) +t

Step #9: Adjust the Size ~

… change the size of the individual words.

Choose the IMPORTANT words on each line and make them bigger.

Step #10: Select the Leading ~

Lastly, set all the text again and use the "Set the Leading" button to shrink the distance between the lines.

Step #11: Experiment! ~

There are many things you can do with the Character and Paragraph panels. Remember, the goal is to make an interesting composition that attracts viewers and holds their attention as long as possible.

Step #12: Create Outlines ~

Get the Selection Tool or hit the keyboard shortcut letter (v) …

… go to: Type > Create Outlines



… or hit the keyboard shortcut:

shift key+ +



… but however you do it, be sure to ALWAYS create outlines of your text.


Step #13: Ungroup ~

 Break the letters into individuals by ungrouping them. You can go to: Object > Ungroup or hit the keyboard shortcut (Cmd ⌘ +G).


Step #14: Select One Letter ~

Another way to evenly spread your letter is to select an individual letter on the end of a line and move it.

Step #15: Select the Other Letters ~

Now select all the letters in that line by Shift+Clicking each letter.

Step #16: Align ~

Then go to: Window > Align or hit the keyboard shortcut (Shift+F7) and select Horizontal Distribute Space



Using a combination of all these techniques, create an interesting, creative and visually appealing composition!

Last Step: Save and Attach ~


Attach it!

  •   ALWAYS save your projects using the following naming convention:

  •   DO NOT name your project any other way - Improperly named projects will not receive credit and you will be sad.

  •   NEVER leave your work on the desktop or depend on a flash drive - instead, save your work in a folder you can find later - preferably on a virtual drive where it can be backed up.

Other Resources: http://www.jacorre.com/tutorials/justify-text-manually/  and http://designertoday.com/Tutorials/Illustrator/986/Magazine.Cover.Design.Adobe.Illustrator.Tutorial.aspx