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Blend Images with Feathering in Photoshop

    ●  Open your Best Work in Photoshop and make a Banner for your Portfolio.

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Opacity Free Transform Tool Feathering Pencil Tool

Other People's Work:

Here are examples inspired by this tutorial.


Step #1: Open a Blank Document in Adobe Photoshop ~

Open PhotoShop & create a new canvas. Hit the keyboard shortcut: Cmd(⌘)+N or go to:File > New


… and open a new document 800 x 200 pixels with approximately these settings:

Step #2: Zoom Tool ~

Zoom Out by hitting: Cmd  () + (minus) or use the Zoom Tool zoom tool

Step #3: Pick your Colors

Double-Click your colors …

Foreground color picker

… and set the color to whatever you want.

Set the other color too to another color that matches, just change them both …

Step #4: Gradient Fill ~

Select the Gradient Tool which is behind the Paint Bucket …

… click Radial Gradient on the menu bar …

radial gradient

… then click the Gradient Picker arrow and select the Foreground to Background gradient.

Step #5: Drag a Gradient ~

Drag the gradient tool across the canvas and position the glow shining down from the top.

Step #6: Place your Portriat ~

Now go to: File > Place … and find the portrait you've been working on …

place file

… hit Enter


… and, if necessary, go to: Layer > Rasterize > Smart Object.





(Only necessary if you are importing Illustrator into Photoshop.)


Step #7: Lasso Tool ~

Get the Lasso Tool or hit the keyboard shortcut letter (L) …

… and draw a rough outline around the outside of your image.

Step #8: Feathering ~

Go to: Select > Modify > Feather and set the Feather Radius to approximately 10 px.


If you're not sure what the Feather Radius should be, just try it!

Step #9: Select Inverse~

Now hit the keyboard shortcut: Cmd (⌘) +Shift+i or go to: Select > Inverse

select inverse

… then hit Backspace/Delete to create a smooth edge.

Step #10: Clean Up ~

Select the Eraser Tool by hitting the keyboard shortcut letter (e) …

… and click on Brush Preset picker in the Menu Bar.

Select a soft-fuzzy brush.

Clean the edges (where necessary).

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Step #11: Text ~

Go to and search for a font that fits your project theme -

If you want, search for a font that matches your project theme at

If you need a reminder on installing fonts, refresh your memory from this tutorial = 31-blend-text-ai.htm

Step #12: Type Something you can Use in your Project ~

Select the Horizontal Type Tool or hit the keyboard shortcut (t) …

horizontal type tool

… drag a box and type your name, the name of your portfolio, whatever you need.

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Step #13: Blending Options ~

Then go to: Layer > Layer Style > Outer Glow

Raise the size and spread of the glow so you can see the text clearly …

Step #14: Bevel and Emboss ~

Next, add Bevel and Emboss

bevel and emboss

Again, adjust the settings to make your text contrast against the background …

Step #15: Drop Shadow ~

Add a little Drop Shadow

Try different Blending Options settings to create a unique style all your own.

The goal is to make the text contrast against the background …

Step #16: Save for Web ~

Go to: File > Save for Web … and save your document as a png-8.

Step #17: Go to Weebly ~

Go to: and open the portfolio page you made for this class, find your header and replace it with the new one …

Step #18: Publish ~

Hit the Publish button …

… and then click on your web address.

Step #19: Select the Link ~

Navigate to the exact page in your browser where your files and reflections are posted …

… copy the URL address of your page …


… and paste the address into your reply so when the link is clicked it goes directly to the page that contains your evidence.

Try this if you dare …