Set Up your Links

    ●  Create one complete working page with proper links ready - even if you don't have those pages created yet.

    ●  Then create the pages based on those links by saving your index page over and over as the new pages.

Learn About:

Null Links Point to File icon

  •   This tutorial is part of the Art Genre, Design your Identity and What in the World Projects.

This tutorial is part of a series:

1 - Navigation using List Tags     2 - Drop Shadow Rollover     3 - Gradient Rollovers    4 - Create Your Pages  

Step #1: Open your index Page in Dreamweaver ~

Last time you worked on Gradient Rollovers.

This time, we create your pages.


Open your index page with the navigation you've created and highlight the Home button:

Step #2: Properties Menu ~

Open Properties by going to: Window > Properties or hitting the keyboard shortcut (Cmd (⌘) +F3), and find the Null # link you made in the previous tutorial …

Remember: # is NOT A REAL LINK. It just fools the computer into acting like it.

Step #3: Point to file ~

The Home button should link to index.html. An easy way to do this is to drag the Point to file icon where you want the link to go …

… your Home button usually links to index.html page.


Step #4: Create More Links ~

Now that you've linked HOME to your index page, the next link in this example will be ART …




<= All these links will become your new pages.

… highlight the next link and type the link address.

And the next one, keeping the page names simple as possible, like lit.html

Now you need to go back and name all your links. Remember, link names should have no spaces, and don't name your links with any unusual characters, fonts, capitol letters, slashes, periods or any nonsense - KEEP IT SIMPLE!


Step #5: Some Tips on Naming your Links …

Remember, when naming your pages:

  •   ALWAYS make your links, pages and all your image names as short and simple as possible.


  •   DO NOT use spaces in file names. Use a hyphen instead, like: art-lit.htm


  •   NEVER use weird characters like % ! / @ * Ǿ " $ & in your file names.

These are symbols reserved for special purposes and the computer freaks-out if you try use them in file names.

Step #6: New Pages …

Now all you have to do is go to: File > Save as … and save your pages to correspond with the links.

Do all your links this way and you should have a complete working website.

Step #7: See if it Works ~

Open your new index page in a browser and start clicking on all your links.

You should have at least 4 identical web pages that can be reached by clicking on any link.

Last Step: Save and Upload your Work ~

Save and upload your work!