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    ●   What's the difference between a Web Page and a Web Site?

    ●   A Web Site is a collection of Web Pages linked together by hyperlinks.

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  •   This tutorial is for the Fan-Tastic Project and is part of a series:

1 - First Web Page   2 - index Page   3 - Special Characters   4 - Ordered Lists   5 - Links   6 - Horizontal Nav

Step #1: Open your index page ~

Last time you worked on Lists.

This time, we will turn those lists into links.

Open your index.htm document in your text editor and insert <!-- today's date --> between the invisible comment tags.


Step #2: Make your Pages ~

Remember the Site Map you created? Now it's time to make all those pages you listed …

Each link you made may correspond roughly to your site map layout. First you must identify those links …

Step #3: href tags ~

Click on one of your Links or ANYTHING you want to be clickable, and surround it with the <a href="#"></a> tag:




It helps to have a page for the link to go, but if you don't have anything yet, just use #


Save your work and see what you just made!




Remember, # is NOT A REAL LINK.



It just fools the computer into acting like it …


Step #4: Name Your Links ~

Name your pages after the links. For instance, if your link is then it's a good idea to change the link to that also:

Do all your links in this way …



link names should have No spaces -

No unusual characters -

No weird fonts - No capitol letters, No slashes, No periods or any other nonsense -


Step #5: Make Your banner a Link ~

Make the banner image a link to the index page by surrounding the image with a link and making it link to your home page.

Save your Work and view it in a browser!






If the link works correctly your header image should be clickable.


Step #6: Make New Pages ~

Now all you have to do is go to: File » Save as

… duplicate your index page and name them after your links.

Do all your links this way and you should have a complete working website.

Step #6: See if it Works ~

Open your new index page in a browser and start clicking on all your links.

You should have at least 4 identical web pages that can be reached by clicking on any link.

Step #7: Compress your Folder ~

Now all you have to do is Right-Click the root folder of your site, compress it and attach it.

Last Step: Save and Attach ~

Attach the .zip file with the completed links …

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