Things You Must Know About PhotoShop A Short Workshop for Photoshop

    ●   This is a brief introductory workshop on the Basics in Photoshop.

Learn About:

Toggle Layers Layer Styles

• This workshop is usually associated with the Shoe Repair project.

1) Toggle!

Cmd (⌘) + Tab with your left hand between applications will help you toggle back and forth from the tutorial to PhotoShop.


2) Layers:

Then, open these 3 documents:

example 3

example 3
Example #3

Open a blank document in PhotoShop 7.5 x 10 inches just like the tutorial.

Ask class, "Question: How do you combine these 3 documents together?"

Combine the photos into one Photoshop document using the Move Tool .

What's the Big Deal?

Every application uses Layers! Learn them now and you will be better prepared for the more complicated programs like Adobe Illustrator and AfterEffects.


The main concept to understand is:


The Top layer is in front.





Bottom layer is in back.


Another thing to learn is that you can move the layers around to put them in front of each other.

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Make sure students know that they can rearrange layer order and put object behind each other.

3) Layer Styles ~

Layer Styles can turn a "C" project into a "B" project.

Clicking on the fx opens Blending options and you can select Drop Shadow - Bevel and Emboss - and many others …

4) Show kids how to attach their documents to the bottom of the journals.