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Pen Tool in Illustrator - Curves

    ●   The Pen Tool can be frustrating and difficult, but once you get it, it’s like riding a bike – you’ll never forget.  It’s also important because most applications have it and it’s a “gateway tool.”

    ●   Once you understand the Pen Tool you'll have an easier time with the other tools because it has crossover characteristics all graphic artists must know.

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Pen Tool

  •   This is the 3rd in a series of 3 Tutorials on the Pen Tool in Illustrator.

  •   Pen Tool Tutorial #1 | Pen Tool Tutorial #2 | Pen Tool Tutorial #3  •  

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Step #1: Open this Adobe Illustrator File

Download and open this Illustrator file by Clicking Here = Tut3_3

save to disk

Save the file somewhere you can find it, like your desktop.

Then double-click it. It should open it in Adobe Illustrator.


Last Step: Save your Work and Attach ~

Save your work and attach.

Other Resources: Here is a zipped folder containing all 5 compresensive pen tool worksheets.