Create a Cartoon Face in this Introductory Photoshop Tutorial

    ●   This is a very useful and fun tutorial to introduce Photoshop to beginning computer artists.

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  •   This tutorial is part of the Portrait Project

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Step #1: Open a Picture of your Face in PhotoShop ~

Get a photo of your face and open it in Photoshop.


Step #2: Crop Tool

Get the Crop Tool or hit the keyboard shortcut letter (c) …

crop tool

… and crop your Photo. You want only need your head and shoulders remaining in the image.





Or hit Enter to cut the excess image away.


Step #2: Lasso Around your Face ~

Now get the Magnetic Lasso Tool

magnetic Lasso tool

… and begin to trace around your head and shoulders.

Step #3: Add to or Subtract from Selection ~

To Add (or take away from) your image, select the Lasso Tool or hit the keyboard shortcut letter (L) …

lasso tool1

… on the Menu Bar, you can set Add to Selection or Subtract from Selection ...

… and outline the area that you want to add.

Or if you want to Subtract from the selection …

subtract from selection

Circle the area you want to remove.

Step #4: Create a New Layer ~

Right-click on your image and choose Layer via Copy.

In the Layers Palate, you can now see 2 layers, one of just your selected area and the other the background layer.

If the layer is locked, just drag and drop the lock into the little trash can.

Step #4: Liquify Filter

Go to: Filter » Liquify

… choose the Forward Warp Tool

… set the Brush Size using the slider bar (if necessary) …

… try pushing the eye brow up in the middle without changing the eye yet.

It's easy to overdo it with the Liquify Tool, so you can always hit Reconstruct or Restore All if needed.

If you like you image so far, click OK.

Step #5: Bloat Filter

Go back to: Filters » Liquify and try the Bloat Tool

… make the brush size slightly bigger than your eye.

Hold down your mouse button over your eye to see what happens!

Step #6: Pucker Filter

Then get the Pucker Tool

… and pucker your nose a little.





Remember: Click OK each time you get your image to a place that you like it; otherwise you will lose those changes when and if you click revert.



Using these 3 tools:





Adjust all the parts of your face!


Step #7: Select Your Skin ~

Using the Magic Wand Tool click on your forehead …



… Right-Click on your face and hit Grow.



If you are lucky you will now have all of your skin selected.


If necessary, select Add to Selection in the menu bar

… and continue to click on any remaining skin that is showing.

Use the Lasso Tool for areas such as teeth or parts of your hair to Subtract from selection …

Step #8: Skin Color ~

Then go to: Image » Adjustments » Hue/Saturation

… and drag the hue marker to the left and right to see your skin color change.


Click on OK when you have it the color that you want.


Then hit the keyboard shortcut Cmd (⌘) + D to Deselect.


Mess around with other parts of the image.


Be sure to save your work before you change too much.




Change the hair color by using the same hue and saturation method!


Last Step: Save the file as YOUR NAME! so we know who's it is!

Go to: File » Save for Web & Devices and save it as a .jpg

Save it as a .jpg approximately 500 pixels wide

Save the file as YOUR NAME! so we know whose it is.